A Practical Guide to No-Spin

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Ace Breaksdown and Demystifies No-Spin:

*What is it?
*What Principles make it work
*Three Methods, and Two Variations of Each
*Power Generation

Through a series of easy to follow progressions, you will be shown how to go from having never thrown a Knife to, having them fly straight as an arrow.

In a conversational and approachable style, Ace lays out in simple terms what you need to do to get the easy wins in the beginning. Then progresses you towards the “advanced” Wave Style of throwing.

As a bonus feature at the end, you are shown the foundation of what it takes to do Fast Draw No-Spin Well.

This is destined to be a classic.

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11 reviews for A Practical Guide to No-Spin

  1. Michael Leblanc (verified owner)

    This instructional video is exactly what the title says. A Practical Guide to No Spin Throwing.

    Ace, you knocked it out of the park! It’s informative, interesting, intelligent and most importantly in my opinion easy to understand and go out and execute myself!

    Seeing the 3 no spin methods Push, Slide and Wave in normal speed and slow motion make it easy to see the mechanics of each method and then practice them yourself.

    Your introduction and explanation of fast draw No spin was also interesting and informative . I’ll be making my starter sheath soon ! Thank you ! Great job!

  2. Ace

    I Put this program together so that someone having never thrown a knife get their first sticks quickly, and the more seasoned thrower wanting to integrate some new principles into their throw, or to better understand wave style throwing.

  3. Petr Benda

    This video concisely demonstrates the different variations of throwing no-spin. After watching this informative video I feel that anyone including new throwers , will be able to throw no spin consistently. The video is educational, well done and clearly demonstrates the differences between the many different styles of no spin. Another solid educational video. Great job (Ace).

  4. Keith Murray (verified owner)

    Great video…highly recommend purchasing this. It helped clear up some misunderstandings and misconceptions I had regarding no spin throwing. Already seeing good progress and improvements where I felt I have been stagnant the last few months.

  5. Big Mitch aka White Tone Loc

    What an incredible tutorial of no spin throwing.

    Whether you are a novice thrower or more advanced at throwing no spin Ace breaks down the 3 most popular styles of no spin throwing in an easy way to understand with clear video explanations.

    And no mater your level of throwing there are lots of great tips for you to either learn from or expand your throwing skills he even explains fastdraw knife throwing form sheath to target I highly recommend everyone watch this video we can all learn something form this.

    Definitely a 5 star rating on this video

  6. Yonny The Greek

    An essential instructional video, from Ace. He covers all the various aspects of no spin throwing.

    He performs as he should, having the correct angles, the elbow and wrist placements, and of course the hip motion.

    One of the most comprehensive no spin tutorials I’ve ever seen.

    From beginners to advanced throwers, this video is always up to date and gives all the reasons to practice and correct any misconceptions.

    Thank you Ace for this video!

  7. Ace

    Push, Pull, Slide, Wave.

    This extensive breakdown by Ace will fast track you to improving and better understanding No Spin Throwing.

    Excellent Guidance for all experience ranges, from those just getting started to experienced throwers that wish to deepen and expand their understanding of the mechanics at play. ❤️‍🔥🗡️💯

    Thank You Ace for another essential volume for the tomes of #knifethrowing knowledge 🙏

  8. okiedoke529

    This is one of the best no spin tutorials out.

    Beginne,r intermediate and expert throwers can learn from the break down Ace does on all three techniques.

    I’ve been throwing no spin for 4 years , watching this video helped me adjust my grip and educated me on how to project my blade instead of throwing it.

    I look forward to using this video when educating new throwers or seasoned throwers that hit a wall.

  9. Matt Bind

    I’m just a big fan of Ace’s tutorial videos.

    With all the videos that Ace provides here, I had great training success and safe hits after a short time.

    Same in this instructional video. Immediately after the video I was able to use the techniques and hit 9/10 throws.

    After a few hours of training, I’m sure I’ve mastered the techniques.

    I think your videos are just great! Keep it up! Thank you 😊

  10. luis.delalama (verified owner)

    As a beginner, for weeks I had been unsuccessfully trying to imitate the SKANF-style throwers on YouTube. Then, right after watching this tutorial, I got me to a 60% success rate!

    Now I am prepared to progress towards the advanced Wave methods gradually, just as Ace suggests in the video. Thanks Ace!

  11. Jack Brady (verified owner)

    I am a total beginner and have watched a lot of you tube videos. Ace is clear in his teaching, gives nice detail and slow motion views. I very much think the cost of purchasing this course is worth it as compared to the free youtube videos I have watched. I feel Ace gives more details than other videos I have watched.

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