Katori Shinto Ryu 8mm

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The Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-Ryū has its origin in the 15th century. The Uchi-Baris shooting needles of that time were very long and thin. Our Uchi-Bari Bo-Shuriken follow the modern Parabolic scheme.

Our Katori Shinto Ryu Bo Shuriken are Cubic(Square Stock) including the point, and are tapered on both the front and the back (Boat tail). It offers a nice smooth release, and as well as being easy to index.

These Perform well in both Wood and Tatami Mats or Poor Man’s Tatami Mat (Carboard Boxes).

Length: ~17cm / 6.75″
Weight: ~60g / ~2.2oz
Thickness: ~8mm / 5/16″
Balance: Centre Balanced
Steel: D2
Finish: Acid Wash
Designed by: Traditional Design From Katori Shinto Ryu

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm

4 reviews for Katori Shinto Ryu 8mm

  1. Bernard Morrissey (verified owner)

    There is something to be said here.You pay for quality D2 steel is expensive but built like a Sherman tank when forged properly. That being said let’s take a moment to analyze this. I received my set of Katori shuriken and when I got home put them through the rigors of training, first with tatami then wood pine to be exact then onto a swinging chunk of log. The shuriken are well designed and defiantly made to endure training. On average 20 plus is a small price to pay for a detailed tough piece of equipment that you can depend on not to mention again it is of quality steel as in tool steel and the shuriken is most defiantly a tool for those who are serious about training. I have found a place in Japan you could get Meifu shuriken but they are made of iron and are soft @155 us plus import and tax fees not interested in blowing that kind of bread on a wall hanger set for bragging rights.Got these work horses in about a week I found my supplier and will order again.

  2. Allen Rogerson (verified owner)

    Again, a 5 star rating. These are simply amazing. The 8mm version is definitely more difficult to throw than some of the larger counterparts, but that’s what I wanted for training. Something that doesn’t allow for mistakes. Each throw must be as near perfect as possible. Yes it’s fun to throw when your shuriken or knives do some level of self correcting. But these force you to be accurate at your form, grip, angle/arc of throw, power, release. These are excellent trainers for the serious practitioner.

  3. Guillaume Laflamme

    Beau petit Shuriken léger. Très bien conçu et résistant. Pour le prix excellent achat.

  4. Edward Burns (verified owner)

    The 8mm are badass shuriken! 5 stars in quality and 10 stars for customer service and support! This is the perfect transition size from the 10mm to the 6mm, just make sure you double your order size, your best friend will appreciate a set of these high carbon shuriken. If you want to learn how to throw Bo shuriken order the videos also, they will make your throwing skills improve drastically!! Thanks again Ace!!!!

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