Flat Spike 12mm x 19cm



Length: ~19cm / 7.5″
Weight: ~100g / ~3.5oz
Thickness: ~12mm / 1/2″
Balance: Centre Balanced
Steel: D2
Finish: Textured Acid Wash
Designed by: Hybrid Design by Ace & M. Bind of Bo-Shuriken.Org

Why would I want to Throw a 12mm Shuriken?
There are a few reasons: Bigger people like to throw bigger heavier pointy things; It can help to build the body movement side of power generation as you can’t(Shouldn’t use just your arm to throw these); and then there are the people that are “Just Here For the Violence”, and love to throw them into Melons, Gourds, and other such targets “just to see what it will do”.
They aren’t necessarily for everyone, but for those that are into them…. THEY ARE REALLY INTO THEM.

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm


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