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The AGRO Rope is the most versatile conditioning tools we have used to date:

*Improves Agility & Coordination
*Improves Rhythm & Speed
*Builds Upper Extremity Endurance & Vascularity
*Easily add conditioning to any training program

*Large Diameter Machined Aluminum Handles
*Rotating Handles
*Adjustable Length
*5/16″ PVC coat Cable

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Dante’s Inferno
I’d HIT it

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2 reviews for AGRO Rope

  1. thatguy32 (verified owner)

    Pictures, videos and words simply do not do this piece of equipment justice. Like stated its great for all the things a skipping / jump rope are good for – stamina, balance, coordination, agility, rhythm ect. But this not simply another skipping rope. This is something else. Its like going from a regular stationary exercise bike, and than climbing onto an assault bike. A world of difference. Its like a full body blitz. My arms/ upper body gets more of a pump after a few rounds with the AGRO rope than after several sets of strict chin ups. Add this piece of conditioning tool to your existing training, or together with D2A bands and El Ruso with some D2A guidance and you have your self a high level , minimalist strength and conditioning set up that you can take with you almost anywhere. Even on its own, 10 minutes with the AGRO rope will do more for you than 30 minutes of a lot of other things.

    On looks alone its a 10/10, sleek and sexy. The quality is next to none, and if you have any other D2A kit you wont be surprised. Feels absolutely solid and I expect it to probably out last me.

    In short-
    -You will need a bigger Tshirt after using the AGRO rope
    -Wear shoes (trust me)
    -More bang for your buck than the next leading skipping rope IMO
    -Increase your conditioning dramatically , as well as focus (if you dont focus at least a little starting off you will have some lovely new marks to show)
    -AGRO is a fitting name, once you get one youll know why
    -Delta2Alpha make top quality hard use items that get the job done
    -your wrists might beef up a little

    Get one. Get better. Get stronger. Look bad ass doing it.

  2. Lance B

    The Agro Skipping Rope is the end of a long journey.

    Let me explain. For the last many many years (over 20 years), I have been travelling the world with a modified beaded rope (old school boxing gym style) that was threaded with paracord through my beads. That beaded rope has done the job. The beaded rope was also to skip on sand, snow, rubber, gravel, grass, etc. It was durable “do it all skipping rope,” and it did everything “good enough.” Durability and the ease of transport was it’s best feature. In addition to the beaded rope, I also had lots of experience with high quality commercially manufactured speed ropes.

    However, I wished to occasionally step things up with a weighted rope. I tried all kinds of weighted ropes, from home made ones to a variety of commercially produced heavy ropes. All were failures. The ropes wore prematurely, or the handles failed and the rope would go flying across the training space. Failures could be deadly to training partners, let alone embarrassing. I can’t stand equipment failures, and durability is one of my requirements in any tool. In addition, the weighted rope had to work in all outdoor environments and surfaces.

    That journey of failures has come to an end.

    The Agro rope is like skipping rope with an angry python. It fights you and wants to coil around you, but you can win the battle with sheer will. The Agro has a smooth, predictable feel, even though every rope pass is a test of your body and spirit. The sound alone (like an angry low flying helicopter) draws looks from across the gym. I can actually feel my upper back, arms and shoulders working on every rope pass, not to mention my hands and wrists. It seems like you are inside of a vortex. When and if you make a mistake, the Agro will punish you with quick and searing pain. You must be absolutely focused to use a tool like this. Shoes are strongly recommended. You can recover from bruised shins, calves, shoulders, back, etc – but broken toes are another matter…

    The handles are a combination of brutality and beauty. The ball joint is a combination of simplicity, durability, and elegance. There is nothing fancy – you just crank down your allen key onto the rope for the required length. If you need to cut the rope shorter, you will need a hack saw. If you don’t have a hack saw, take this entire beast to the chain cutting section of a hardware store. The store attendants may look at this device with curiosity and fear…

    As I said earlier, my search for the ultimate weighted rope has come to an end. I cannot recommend this “machine” strongly enough. 10/10.

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