Aerial Dart

If you are a History Buff you may recognize this are having striking similarities to a Flechet (Flechette), Air Darts, or other varieties to name for Aerial B0mb4rdment… and that is true but…

The original design comes from ShurikenJutsu, and this one more specifically from Mito Ryu (Mito Han Ryu). We went throw great length to get these made to spec, and each one is meticulously made by hand.

*This is your your chance to own a functional piece of history*

Length: ~5″ /~14cm
Max Thickness: ~1/2” / ~12mm Round Stock
Weight:  ~2.6oz/~75g
Material: 1045
Finish: Light Textured Acid Wash
Balance: Centre Balanced
Designed By: Traditional Mito Han Ryu Design

**These are rarely seen outside of a a museum, or outside of Japan. Most of the smiths that can make them have no interest in making them for, or selling them to Non-Japanese. Due to thus we have limited availability**

Discount per Quantity

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Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm


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