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HoodRat Arts and Crafts How To Make a Manriki Kusari Fundo Trainer

HoodRat Arts and Crafts:

How to make a Trainer for your Manriki Kusari some time also know as a Kusari Fundo.

As anyone that has played with a pair of Nunchucks (after watching “Enter The Dragon” or TMNT) can attest to; You will hit yourself… a lot… and in the face. When I was learning, I definitely didn’t hit myself behind the ear, and I definitely didn’t see stars from it… Nope, Sure didn’t

My Brother Ruelas Tool (IG link Below) has started to experiment and popularize the idea of a Kusari with Metal weight as an EDC option. In the Video Below we show how to easily make a training version of the Kursari.

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******Flexible Weapons can be a bit tricky in the beginning. Let us know if you want to see a few drills and techniques to help get you started.******