Tungsten Cubic Spike 7mm x 175mm


This an example of a Hybrid between the a Kugi Gata or Nail Shaped Bo-Shuriken (Square Stock), Hari Gata or Needle Shaped Bo-Shuriken due to the Conical / Needle Point… But they are made form Tungsten (W) Alloy.

This Design bears similarity to designs of in the Meifu Shinkage Ryu.

The 7mm Wide Square Stock makes it easy to index, easy to control; with the added weight and conical point it sticks very well.

These Perform well in both Wood and Tatami Mats or Poor Man’s Tatami Mat (Carboard Boxes)

Why Tungsten (W)?
Tungsten (“Heavy Rock” in Swedish) also know as Wolfram (“Wolf Soot” or “Wolf Cream” in German) weighs about 2.5x more than Steel (Fe) , and 1.7x more than Lead (Pb)!!

This means that they Hit Harder, Stick Deeper, More Stable in Flight than the equivalent size in Steel, while maintaining the same balance and feel.

Length: ~17.5cm / 6.9″
Weight: ~150g / ~5.3oz
Thickness: ~7mm / 9/32″
Balance: Centre Balanced
Steel: Tungsten Alloy
Finish: Ground
Designed by: Traditional Design, Updated with a New Material by Ace

***Please Note:***
These are a Prototypes (Test Pieces), and we were unsure if we should release them to the general public or not. Tungsten is a Very Heavy, and Very Hard Material, but we have no way to temper it. Our initial testing shows that they penetrate very well against wood, and they throw very consistently. We can’t promise that they won’t break if you abuse them. Abuse includes but isn’t limited to: Throwing them at Any type of Hard Material including, but not Limited to: Stone, Rock, Concrete, Metal, Baked Clay, Ceramic, Glass, Porcelain etc. Impacting them in anyway including drops on Cement, Asphalt, Tile, Patio Blocks  or other Similar materials.

Why are these so Expensive?
*They are Priced in Canadian Dollars (25-30% Cheaper than USD).
*Tungsten Alloy Stock in the Diameter is difficult to FInd.
*Tungsten is an Expensive Material.
*Tungsten is Very hard, harder on tools, and more difficult to work with.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 1 cm


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