O-Oni 5mm


Oni means “Demon” and “O” (Said “Oh”, Means “Great” or “Big”, the Same Character in Cantonese is Said “Di”)

A Cross between an Ikuchi (A Japanese Dagger Preferred by Politicians & Prostitutes), Combined with The Good Old American Heft.

Hits hard and fast,  Penetrates will precision, and Leaves Triangular Holes of Sadness in your Target.

It has been Optimized for Throwing in Anti-NoSpin Methods: Western Push, Slavic or BIM Wave, Shuriken Slide, Thorn, etc.

The handle is Straight Down the Spine all the way to the point, and slightly tapered on the edge side offering Smooth Releases The 5mm version arrives just a little bit fast to the target

The Position of The Point will become an Extension of your Will.

Overall: ~10″ / ~25.5cm
Thickness: >3/16″ / ~5mm
Weight: 7.4oz / ~205g
Material: 400C Analog
Finish: Acidwash
Balance: Handle Heavy
Edge: ~1.5mm

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Additional information

Weight .280 kg
Dimensions 22 × 5 × 3 cm


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