MSR 7mm x 16cm

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The Meifu Shinkage-Ryū is a modern school of Shurikenjutsu.[1] It was founded by Chikatoshi Someya (染谷親俊, Someya Chikatoshi) in the 1970s. Someya was a student of Yoshio Sugino of the Katori Shintō-ryū, although the throwing style used in Meifu Shinkage-Ryū is different. Someya refined the Katori style of throwing, making it shorter, faster and more concealed.

These Shuriken Perform well in both Wood and Tatami Mats or Poor Man’s Tatami Mat (Carboard Boxes).

Length: ~16cm / ~6.5″
Weight: ~60g / ~2.3oz
Thickness: 7mm / ~1/4″
Balance: Centre Balanced
Steel: D2
Finish: Ground
Designed by: Traditional Design from Meifu Shinkage-R

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Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm

1 review for MSR 7mm x 16cm

  1. okiedoke529

    These are my first set of square boshurikens. Throw every single night for hours so that perfect edges did start to wear into my hands a little bit so what I did is I wrapped them from where the balance point is in the center just behind it I wrapped them with hockey griptape and never looked back since I threw these all sorts of disciplines including carry them in public. Don’t be intimidated by the length with a nice wrap and some good technique they fly I personally throw mine out the 7 m with no issues.

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