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H2Seirra diagram

H2Sierra Specs

Blade Thickeness: 4.0mm or .16”Handle Thickness: 17.7mm or .70”
Blade Length(Hilt to Point): 102.8mm or 3.97”Handle Width: 26.0mm or 1.03”
Sharpened Edge Length: 83.9mm or 3.30”Handle Material: CNC Milled G10
Blade Width: 23.1mm or .91”Closed Width: 30.0mm or 1.18”
Blade Hardness: HRC59-60Overall Open Length(tip to tip): 230mm or 9.0”
Handle Length: 134.3mmWeight: 195g or 6.87oz

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 3 cm

14 reviews for H2Sierra

  1. joshuafrey90 (verified owner)

    I am very impressed on how well it was packaged. These knives are absolutely flawless and the attention to detail is perfect. The knife feels very comfortable in my hand and opens with ease. The knife cuts with ease and the blade does most of the work and my effort being minimal compared to other knives on the market. The blade holds an edge very well and is easy to sharpen if needed. I carry the knife in my side pocket and don’t haven’t had a problem with it opening up while in my pocket. I purchased one for my wife and she loves it. She finds that the knife fits her hands well and is not too heavy for her to open or maneuver. Exceptional knife, and service. It has officially replaced my Benchmade Adamas folder.

  2. Brian K

    I must admit that after carrying high end Benchmade brand knives I was a bit tentative about switching to my brand new H2S, I am not now! After daily carry of over a week, I just had to write in and say well done. The knife cuts like no other folder I’ve used before. The knife is smooth opening and locks precisely. The scales are shaped comfortably and the mounting options for pocket clip placement seal the deal. I cannot wait for other designs and models to add to my collection. Well done, I say. Well done! Regards BK.

  3. David P

    I just received 3 of your knifes they are awesome. Fit and balance is great I retired my benchmade can’t say enough about your knifes they are made with the knife guy in mind. DP

  4. Thomas (verified owner)

    The knife was received and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    All the best,

  5. Merv B

    LOVE IT. I carry this thing everywhere. The heft, the feel on my hand, the the wicked edge even to the very tip. I can cut through even thick plastic straps on boxes like nothing. It replaced my Benchmade, older model I had for 10 years. I still have my Benchmade, but it is a backup in my truck.

  6. RFL

    The knife arrived yesterday. It’s magnificent.

  7. James A. Keating aka Uncle Jim

    A rock solid piece! An aggressive blade profile that captures it’s prey and cuts it to the bone.
    This is an operators knife, made with exacting precision The H2-Sierra is red hot!

  8. Kevin (verified owner)

    I’ve carried this knife for over three months now and here is my review. When I first got the knife it came with everything I needed right in the box. I could tell this was a good quality knife the first time I held it. Everything from the weight, textured grip, and blade shape appealed to me right away. I bought this knife because I use mine every day and decided to upgrade to something more robust. So far this knife has exceeded my expectations. My personal favorites about this knife are:

    1) How smooth the blade opens compared to my old knife. After talking with one of the creators of the knife they told me metal bushing were used where the blade attaches to the handle and that is what causes the smooth opening.

    2) The handle feels good to hold when the blade is deployed and the textured G10 gives it a nice grip without tearing up my pants

    3) I have not owned a knife with a modified reverse tanto before this one. I am fully convinced after using this blade it is the best for everyday use. With the blade tip coming down in a point it makes cutting into anything easy. Just placing the tip of the blade on what you want to cut it immediacy slices in.

    As far as the longevity that has yet to be seen. In the three months I’ve owned it using it around the house and office, opening boxes, skinning electrical wires even cutting sprinkler hoses has not shown any signs of failing anytime soon.

  9. David B

    Love it…it has become my primary carry. My friends are all quite jealous!

    For the record, it is by far the most aggressive blade I’ve ever used. You don’t want your off hand anywhere near that edge…it doesn’t fool around, it will cut.

  10. taogungho (verified owner)

    A fantastic slicing machine. Grabs into material and pulls it into the blade. Enough point for good penetration. Well made, the best quality. You will not be disappointed.

  11. matt.l.fry

    I have carried this knife for about a month now. I am very impressed with the quality and design. It feels well balanced and the blade is very sharp. I like the slight reverse curve as it really assists in grabbing and slicing.

    The only real complaint is that it gathers pocket lint and has to be cleaned frequently. However anyone who carries a folder with a clip in their pocket will experience this regardless of design.

    The price is steep, but I work in law enforcement and do not believe in owning subpar kit. The price is reflective of the quality. I trust my life with this great piece of kit and am glad I made the plunge and purchased one.

    Whether you want a good knife to cut rope or are looking for extra kit to carry in the field, you will not be disappointed with this knife.

  12. Steve Almeida (verified owner)

    I wanted a quality knife for everyday use on the farm and for everyday carry. Once I found the H2sierra I looked no further. Coming highly recommended from a friend in the security field, I knew this would fit the bill for both EDC and general work. The quality is amazing! Thanks Delta2alpha for the quality craftsmanship that went into this. Well worth the money.

  13. Kristopher Booker (verified owner)

    This is a well designed, incredibly well built knife for edc carry and for multiple tasks if necessary. Sharp as hell and the recurve design is flawless. This fits well into my EDC carry and for the times I need a knife that’ll last a lifetime if not more!

  14. Rafel Ortiz (verified owner)

    Just awsome! Comfortable, solid, great open, details, grip, materials, constrution… What else!

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