Dai Lo 5mm x 330mm


Dai Lo (大佬 \ Cantonese \ noun \ dī-(,)lō): Big Brother; a term of endearment to show respect and love to an elder; a nod to the ways and tastes of older cultures and generations; implies a connection to future generations. Or, Big Boss; Bad-Ass

Length: 13″ / 305mm
Thickness: >3/16″ / ~5mm
Weight: 10.9oz / ~310g
Material: 400C Analog
Finish: Acidwash
Balance: Handle Heavy
Edge: ~1.5mm
Designed by: A progression from the Tengu to the Oni to The O’Oni to the ROni, Then the Danger Dashi Point Was Added

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Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 3 cm


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