Authentic Russian Trappers’ Axe


The Russian Trappers’ Axe is a Design that has stood the test of time with good reason.

The Broad  Cutting Face, combined with a Three Position Ergonomic handle  makes it well suited for:

*Splitting wood
*Making Kindling
*Hunting (Throwing)
*Processing Large Game

With the right know how, you build a Log Cabin with Just one of these.

Don’t think it is possible, Check out the Documentary, “Happy People“, and learn the full potential of these Amazing Bushcraft tools.

The Russian Trappers’ Axe is also Favourite of Coach Misha as it is well suited for No-Spin Throwing as well as it can be thrown Rotaional.


Trappers Hawk / Hatchet:
Overal Length: ~15.5″ / 40cm
Cutting Edge: ~3.75″ / 9.5cm
Weight: ~1.76lbs / .8kg
Made in Russia

Trappers Axe:
Overal Length: ~19.5″ / 50cm
Cutting Edge: ~5.75″ / 15.5cm
Weight: ~3.3lbs / 1.5kg
Made in Russia



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Russian Trapper's Axe, Russian Trapper's Hawk / Hatchet