Arrow One


The Arrow ONE was designed by the German Thrower “TomTom”. Our 7mm version with a Lightly Textured Mill-Scale Finish is exceptionally for No-Spin throws, and is very easy to control in Half-Spin.

At 23cm, and 8oz, it is a great knife for throwers of any skill level or stature. It can be Thrown easily forehand in any of the western or wave styles. Our 7mm version of the the Arrow also works well as an intermediary while transitioning Shuriken Throwing to Knife throwing, or Knife Throwing to Shuriken Throwing.

Length: 23cm / 9″
Weight: 225g / 8oz
Thickness: 7mm / 9/32″|
Balance: Slightly Handle heavy
Steel: 440C
Finish: Light Textured Mill-Scale
Designed by: “TomTom”


How are the Dolphin different Than the Dolphin Slim?
The Slim is slight Lighter, Slightly Skinnier, Slightly Longer, and is Centre Balnaced instead of Slight Front Heavy

How is the Dolphin different than the Arrow v3?
*Rounded Bulb
*Slight Parabolic Blade Shape
*Smoother transition through the handle
*Centre Balanced vs. Handle Heavy

How is the Arrow ONE different Than the Arrow v3?
Arrow ONE has Conical Shape from the bulb at the back down to the point, where the Arrow v3 has a Parabolic shape to it makes the rotation easier to control. While Both are Handel heavy the v3 has the Centre of mass slightly to the rear of centre where as the Classic has the COM much further to the rear. The v3 Has a much more defined trigger point for half spin than the Arrow ONE.

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Additional information

Weight .280 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 5 cm


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