8.5″ of DANGER! 6.5mm

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This is just like the Infamous 8.5″ of Danger we released in 2022, accept mush faster.

8.5″ of Danger is a scaled down version of the Iconic “Danger Dashi”; originally designed by Danger of the FullTangClan. This is our Answer to the endless debate:

“Is Knife Throwing Practical for Self-Defense?” / “Is Knife Throwing a viable Martial Arts?”

The Problem
Throwers that were small enough to carry were typically flimsy pieces of pot metal garbage inflicted on the west by the Titan East of Tajikistan; they were difficult to control, and were difficult stick into anything more substantial than last night’s Pizza Box at the best of times, let alone under duress.

Enter 8.5″ of Danger:
A Carry Sized Thrower That Hits Like a Truck,  Penetrates to the Back Tires, and Leaves Gaping Triangular Holes of Hate in it’s Target.

It has been Optimized for Throwing into Organic Medium Like Cotton Wood, Gourds, Turkeys (Jive or Otherwise), Etc.
☆Don’t Throw it into Bricks. Concrete, etc. or it will lead to your Sadness.☆

It Performs well in a Variety of Anti-NoSpin Methods: Western Push, Slavic or BIM Wave, Shuriken Slide, Thorn, etc.

In addition it is also quite Capable in Half Spin.

Overall: ~8.5″ / ~22cm
Thickness: 1/4″ / ~6.5mm
Weight: oz / ~g
Material: 440c (Analog)
Finish: Acidwash
Balance: Handle Heavy
Edge: ~1.25mm / 1/16″ Throwing Edge

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Additional information

Weight .280 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 4 cm

4 reviews for 8.5″ of DANGER! 6.5mm

  1. achillia

    Your 8.5 inches of danger is an excellent throwing knife, it’s easy to throw and rugged. I highly recommend the knife.
    However when I ordered I wanted to order three at the discounted price and was told there was only 2 available. As soon as I ordered they were magically 3 available,needless to say I was upset, bait and switch tactic. Other than that it has been a good experience. Screwed in Los Angeles.

  2. lysandyre (verified owner)

    A bullet disguised as a knife. Very awesome.

  3. Guillaume Laflamme (verified owner)

    Très bien balancé facile à lancer avec une bonne technique. Un excellent choix, parmis les meilleurs couteaux que j’ai essayé

  4. sailontnt (verified owner)

    The best recommendation I could give is that after receiving the knife and started throwing it, I ordered 2 more for a set of three. Saves a lot of walking and more time for throwing. The other knives I have are 10 inches or more and the 8.5 length is perfect for no spin/fast draw for me.

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