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Its not often one finds a product that performs multiple functions well, but Ace Johnson has pulled off that remarkable feet again. Following on the heels of the incredible Sportacus Glove (puns intended) with a new tropical weight travel sock. This sock performs equally well as a dress sock, a liner sock, and a Basic Tropical weight Sock.

Made from a unique blend of Bamboo derived Rayon and Spandex the tropical Sock will conform to all but the oddest shaped feet, making comfort the priority. The great fit prevents blister causing bunch up of the sock in your shoes, and the annoying slipping off

Being a lightweight, the Basic Tropical sock is ideal for the minimalist who wants to carry a change of socks in his pack.

Ace Johnson claims he wears them with his tuxedo! (when he channels his inner James Bond of course)

Launderability = moisture management = dry happy feet!

You might be living out of a pack while backpacking Europe or in the back woods….maybe you are working in the jungles of Guyana, or perhaps you are stuck living out of your car; the ability to quickly hand wash your clothes in the sink, bowl, or a camping cook pot, and have them easily hang dry becomes very important. The blend of silky, smooth, Bamboo derived Rayon and Spandex, ensures your Tropical Socks will quickly hang dry, even in the most humid climates.

Quick dry also means these “Tropical Socks” get less funky.

“Available in any color you want… As long as it’s black”

-H. Ford

{should you miss some laundry time)

And of a matter of course Ace Johnson has built in his legendary durability and cost effectiveness.

Keep your tootsies dry, and comfy.

Order several pair (due to the nature of their job, being walked on, socks tend to wear out faster than other articles of clothing) of the D2A / TheBasics Tropical Sock for dress, play, or work.


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