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In certain areas of the world or at certain ranges, they may frown on training with graphic or silhouette targets. The Black Squares targets is a great alternative; while still allowing most of the benefits of a graphic target.

The Smaller squares are roughly 3”(medial line) while the larger square is roughly 8”(upper chest).

There are a variety of drills that can be done with this target but the basic drill is: On the command Up/Fight 2-4 rounds are fired as fast as possible in to the large square; on the command Top, Bottom, Right, or Left: 1-2 rounds are fired into the respective square. As the drill progresses the coach is able to call out combinations the similar to how a boxing coach would, this ups the tempo, and is a great drill for attribute development and teaching the concept of acceptable accuracy vs. bull’s eye shooting.

There is an App produced by Combat Focus Shooting for the iPhone that will randomly call out shapes and/or numbers and can be used in conjunction with this target. A great target for attribute Development.

*Note: with an audio-in cable plugged into the headphone jack of your Smart Phone or Tablet, and into a speaker system, the commands can be easily given to the entire firing line allowing the RSO/Instructor to focus on other things.

*Printed on 19″x26″ sheets of 50-60lbs paper*

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