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When we first released the celebrated El Ruso program, the most common question we were ask was:

“What bands do I need, and where can I get them?”

So we had some packages made up with exactly what you need to get to get started.

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  • One of each: #0,#1,#2,#3
  • 41″ High quality rubber
  • Allows you to increase or decrease resistance to various exercises.

1 review for Resistance Bands Package

  1. Lance B

    These bands are straight forward, as many quality exercise bands have saturated the market. Bands have saturated the market for good reason, as they work well! It is like literally having a portable gym anywhere you go.

    I have tried bands from a variety of manufacturers, including ones from Rogue Fitness.

    I keep going back to these for the “texture.” I find other bands have too much “tack” and stickiness to them. These D2A bands have a smoother rubber material, which doesn’t bite into your neck when doing banded squats. They also work well with banded “pull throughs”, as they don’t tear up your legs.


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