What does “Delta 2 Alpha” mean?

D2A is an abbreviated form of the nicknames used by the original partners in the company: Dante and Ace. As some may already know:  In the phonetic alphabet: Alpha is A and Delta is D.

Who are the people behind Delta 2 Alpha?

We grew up in a knife culture, we have carried a knife in our pocket since we were very young when our fathers gave them to us and said, “here, every man should carry one”. This was very common in rural areas. Growing up using knives we learned what we liked, what worked well and what didn’t. We designed these for us and found that many others were interested also, so we decided to share our creations.

The people involved with Delta 2 Alpha have backgrounds in machining, manufacturing, engineering, trades work, martial arts, military and emergency services. Most importantly we are end users of our designs. This means we are committed making products we are proud of and products that don’t suck. Nor, do we have an interest in fixing what isn’t broken or in putting a new knife out every 6 months just because.

What do you mean by a “Hard Use” product?

“Hard Use” to us means that the product will stand up to the rigors of normal field use by the emergency/rescue personal or Joe/Jane Citizen that was first responder on scene. With that being said, we can’t guarantee the performance of our products when they are abused or put through blatant torture tests.

For example: A knife makes a very poor and very expensive pry bar; Taking one our polymer products and sub cooling it with liquefied, dry ice, etc and then hitting it with a hammer to shatter it, does not count as intended use. We cannot be held accountable for intentional abuse, misuse, and torture test. In short if you set out to break it, we trust you will find a way.

It seems like the only thing Delta2Alpha makes is knives and stuff to hurt people with, how can you be ok with that?

We are sorry you feel that way.

Our blades are designed to offer a lot of control to those holding them. The geometry of the cutting surfaces create a lot of pressure on the edge to maximize its effectiveness and control when working with a variety of materials. When this is combined with the crisp angles on the unsharpened portions the user can easily cut clothing, cordage or restraints that maybe impeding rescue. These same features also make our designs great for everyday sandwiches and boxes type of tasks.

In addition to knives, we also make things like TheMARK; a gear hanger for load-bearing equipment, pack backs, ruck sacks, purses or anything else you want to keep off of the ground. TheMARK can be used as can be used for self defense if the situation ever called for it, but so can lots of things.

We have also be involved in the development of a stab/slash vest, At this point we can’t say much more than we have been involved in the developmental and prototyping process, variety of projects for special interest groups.