TheLolly is one of the most low profile, last ditch tools of its type on the market today. Due to its design it boasts a variety of carry options.

Simple. Effective. Efficient.

Delta2Alpha designs and distributes “hard use” products with the safety of the end user in mind. We focus on the simplicity of design, in addition to making our products ambidextrous. We also keep our products “sterile” as much as possible with no visible logos; our signature is low signature.

Modus CQC

Designed from the ground up to get results in as little time as possible.

The program has been taught to police officers, jail guards, deployed members of special military units, private security, and everyday men and women whose ages range from 12 to 60’s! The development is ongoing and always evolving.

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The Mark

TheMark is a multi-purpose self defence tool made from a very tough and light weight polymer plastic. It also works well for hanging gear, jackets, and bags. It is nearly indestructible under most conditions of use and also works well for hanging gear, a backpack/rucksack and purses. The application of TheMark as a self defence tool is very instinctive, regardless of your prior training.

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There is nothing like having this knife in your pocket and knowing, that what with the H2Sierra you are ready for anything. It’s our dream knife, and we think it will be yours too.